Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting ready to Dig Deep

                                                                  100 Mile Prep

I got a little private message from a high school friend asking if my blog was down for good, and said she enjoyed reading about my running.  So, here I am. It's a new year and it's the same old me, but I'm good with me, so ya know, fuck being better because a clock struck midnight and a new puppy calendar unveiled itself on my fridge. Be better every day, or at least try.

This is coming from a girl who spent a lot of time getting by and waiting for her life to start, and I consider myself a constant work in progress. But, it turns out, I like myself after all; and because of that I want to be healthy and grow white hair old, I want to see what I can do, I want to push myself so god damn far that I cry and then go some more, and then a little more.

So, I signed up for a 100 mile ultra out at the Great Salt Lake. The Buffalo Run at Antelope Island. Ill drive on out to the salty cold lake on March 21, so in about 10 weeks.  Ill start this thing with maybe 100 other runners at noon on a Friday.  If all goes well, Ill be shrieking in pain at each acceleration of the gas peddle home, by noon the next day. Wait..Shit, hopefully someone will be driving me home.

I'm doing this because I have this overwhelming feeling that I am going to  have to fight really hard some day. For what? I don't know. But, that need to dig deeper than I know even exists right now,  burns very strong in me.  I'm scared to do this,  but that's half the reason it intrigues me. Ultra running has not caused me to lose a tremendous amount of weight and I don't win, nor can I compete with other runners for that matter! I'm back of the pack, I talk myself outta holes at every race, but I keep signing up for these things! In 2013, I ran my first Ultra; the 50 mile at antelope island. The 100 is the 50...twice. I then ran 4 more ultras, paced a friend at her first 100, and finished the year with a road marathon in  my beloved Baltimore.  Because that feeling of finding enough to get at it when you puke, when you hurt, when your ass is so chaffed it burns like a crackling fire, that feeling of finishing, for me,  outweighs it all.

(I wont get in to training in detail. I run 6 days a week anywhere from 6- 20 miles.  I don't get over 60 miles in a week, usually 50ish, while shooting for 60. ( I have kids, so..you know, got other stuff to do) I like classes so I take 4 a week, 2 yogas, 1 pilates and a spin) I eat a lot, so my weight is pretty consistent and Im good with it)

HAppy New Year!
Thanks Alecia! That felt good to share! You Ultra baby maker
Pocatello 50k

Scout Mountain, Pocatello, ID

My truest addiction is music and running, together 

Antelope Island, State Park

Corner Canyon, Draper utah

Oh well


Ms.April said...

Your run looks amazing. I ran for 10 years for my school; only in my early-20s now, but already having knee problems, so I had to stop running :(

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