Monday, June 22, 2015

Pokey 60k

Not sure why those last 6 miles of Scout Mountain 60k, formerly Pocatello 50k fuck me up, but they have both times.

It's an easy 6 miles compared to much of the course.  Year one, I was dehyrated and bonking so long that day that I had a hard time coming back, I actually never came back just hated evey minute of those last 6 miles.

This year, I had self arguably the best run EVER. No I didn't show up with any real competion out of the blue, but I felt so god damned good. Better than ever. My music and I were so in sync I felt like I was dancing through some serioulsy outta site trails and wild flowers. I didn't take my camera. I knew it would slow me down, and I had a mission to run my best and not fuck around to show the stupid facebook what I saw and did. And- im so glad I did. My iphone wouldn't have done it justice. All the rain in the west has bled green into the mountain sides and the wildflowers were so big you'd think they were genitaclly enhanced if you didn't know otherwise; If you didnt know that so many people will never experience that feeling, that moment, that site. It's mine, all mine..and if you want to see it..well book your flight to the moutnains and work hard to see it.

Above paragraph is precisely why I still consider this one of my best runs ever, even with the puking for about 1.5 hours. I was so sick that when I crossed the finish line and dragged myself to my car, I sat down leaning against the front plate, away from people, and sobbed. It hurt so bad, it hurt so fucking bad, the pukey terrible fuck me feeling, hurt so bad.

I made a recovery drink, and undressed in front of anyone and no one, I drove bra-less and shoeless home 3 hours back to Utah; squirting saline in my dry contacs every fifteen minutes or more.

I puked all night. I was hungry but didn't eat a real meal for 2 days. But, I had the best run ever.

So what happened? I drank some EFS, a liquid high octane gel that I have had bad experiences with, but one really good experience with. I was feeling so damned good, I decided to give it a go. I drank too much, and that was it, I whacked my tummy too hard to finish strong.
Live and learn:)

Next up, Speedgoat
then Wasatch 100

deep breath


No one can really know Everything about you, but

I cannot live with someone who can't live without me.
Nadine Gordimer