Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Speedgoat 50k

I went back to Basics at The Speedgoat. Gels, S-caps, 20oz of water and EFS pro an hour, no watch for mileage, just time of day.

I paid really close attention to eating.
I paid really close attention to running when I could run.
Hiking fast when I should be hiking.
**Staying Cool** (Thank You Eve)

Secretly, I was hoping to break 10 hours.
By mile 20 I was pretty sure I could hit 10:30
And, by mile 28, I was convinced I could PR with under 10:55.
Well, I came in at 11:02, and I was elated. You know why? Because I had a good day
And, by the time I was rounding the switchbacks over by Baby Thunder, I was still running. I had been running all day, and taking care of myself, by myself
and I felt good. Shit, I felt great.

Last year's Speedgoat took me 12:14. When I dragged myself down those switchback's last year I was interrupted from walking to puke every couple of minutes. I had been throwing up black for the last 4 hours , at this point last year.

Last year, I wanted nothing more than to leave the minute I finished. And, when I was on the bathroom floor all night throwing up and crying in fatigue and pain
I wanted nothing more than to feel better.
And, when my husband had to pull the clothes off of me and help me sit in the shower; and asked me...Why do you do this to yourself? I wanted nothing more than to  have an answer that made sense, to me. Because, "it's fun" was no longer going to sum it up at this juncture.

I thought about that question a lot. -Like a whole lot. (I could go into great depths why I do this, but only I need to know why. And, in the simplest and fewest of words, it's because it's important to me)
I was reborn after Wasatch with the reason why? WHY? I mean HOW COULD ANYONE NOT!? 
What a Great day Wasatch 100 was, and a great finish after the many challenges that preceeded the last 25 miles

And then 2016 races began, and I found myself back on the bathroom floor, or on the couch with a bowl looking up insta-cares, or on the side of the trail in tears with a raw throat unable to eat or drink or even have an ice cube slowly melt on my tongue without a horrific and painful battle with my stomach. 
I figured that out, by the way..with the help of my friend Jill, whom saw my puke at Antelope Island 50 and said "that's not right"...
Doctor. Endoscopy. Bacteria. Ulcer. Lactose Intolerant.2 week of Antibiotics-8 pills a day. No more dairy.

This alone was very encouraging. However after the BOSHO marathon in April, my ankle became sore to the touch. Bone. Ouch. I Took off for close to 5 weeks, where I came out on a rainy Saturday and ran 10 miles pain free. Bryce 100 was only 4 weeks away from that first double digit mile in over a month...
I was leery, but confidant in my mental endurance, but my training had taken a significant lull.  But I felt good head to toe stomach to flow.

I went out to Bryce and finished. It turned into a clock race, and I came in at 38 hours. I was happy to finish, but obviously wish things had gone better. 

So, back to present day. Speedgoat was 3 weeks out from Bryce. And, my last race scheduled for this year. I did a lot early. Moab Red Hot 55k, Antelope Island 50 mile, BoSho Marathon, Scout Mountain 35k, Bryce 100. 
And, last up was my favorite and hardest race ever.
Speedgoat 50k.

I could have come in at 11hrs, but once I knew I was just seconds away from under 11:00 hours at 10:59:55 with the finish in site. I slowed to a walk and pulled out my other bottle. My mouth was cotton, and I had avoided stopping 20 minutes ago for my second bottle cuz I was pushing hard to get under 11:00. Once I knew I'd finish in the 11th hour, I got some water and ran it in. Cornering the service road, my daughters came running towards me.  And, we ran under the Hoka finish arch, and Karl gave me a high five, a Speedgoat Pint glass, an Ultragen recovery drink, and my third Speedgoat 50k medal.
"I think we have a PR", Karl said.  "Nope, 10:55, but that was when the end was all downhill!" I chuckled. I guess it was a PR on the current course, and I was 1 hour and 12minutes  faster than last year. But, as I melted into a chair with a grapefruit beer and a turkey avocado sandwich my husband brought me, time had also melted away. I felt GREAT! I was celebrating after a very hard race, not clawing internally and focusing only on leaving so I could wallow in my pain alone. 

I  hope this is not the last Speedgoat.  But, if so, I am so glad I got to experience such an amazingly difficult race, and finish 3 times. Perhaps, I love this race so much because it's my friend's race. And the truly amazing and inspiring people I have met  are all there; RD'ing, volunteering, marshaling, sweeping,  putting ice bandanas on me, encouraging me, yelling my name as i came in and out of aid stations. Maybe because it's at Snowbird, the place where it all started for me in Utah. Maybe it's because it's one of  the hardest physical challenges I have ever had; and I feel pretty bad ass finishing, regardless of the time. 
I can't tell you how great it felt to go out on races this year on a high note. I' haven't had a great one all year, until Speedgoat. 

Next up: Pacing Betsy at the Wasatch100 
Pacing Cheryl at the Bear 100
Happy Running. Happy, Happy Running.


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I cannot live with someone who can't live without me.
Nadine Gordimer