Monday, May 23, 2016

BEFORE POST Bryce 100 June 17, 2016

I kept telling myself as the past few weeks passed by like a large hour glass with it's grains pouring to a pile in front of my feet; be positive. Think positive, be patient, do what you can. I am not inspired by motivational memes and by the social media runners who share every mile and moment with the world. I too get excited and energized by the personal thrill and the vast depths of mountains and canyon trails- And I too share with my little world. But sometimes it's just about me and my moments and they are mine, as yours are yours.  Tangent- I digress-as I do.

My point is, Im a fighter, a survivor, a slogger, and rougher around the edges of every mold I fit; this is how I see myself, anyway. So, it's very easy for me to go into defense mode, especially against myself. But - Be kind I told myself, be positive and positive things will happen. Now, I don' tthink this positive thinking has medically healed my ankle- i think that has been the time I took off and PT I administered on myself with the help of google.
But, I think I made it through and am back on track for the Bryce 100 mile endurance run on June 17. 3 1/2 weeks away.

Nervous? Absolutely.
Excited? Very.

I finally ran a double digit, all be it the first double digit- 10, miles on Saturday. An unexpected cold rain and the company of a friend was both good for training and the soul. Confidence that I can make it to the start line in Southern Utah blossomed from that rainy May Saturday.
I have been working out every and all other ways I can over the last month and will continue to do so, as I attempt to train smart and strong for 2 more weeks. Going into Bryce with a week of taper; not my usual plan, but we roll with the punches..or the ankle for poetic effect.

So here's my before BRYCE 100 post- with 3 weeks away, I've got lotttts of shit to do.
Betsy asked me Saturday, where are you going to sleep Thursday night? 
What are you going to eat during the race? 
What's the weather going to be like? 
Can we have a car at the 50mi turnaround?

 (Betsy and Nancy my friends, crew, and pacers for this one) I HAD NO ANSWERS.
This is unlike me, as I usually am studying up on all this kinda info and plans. But I have been 110% focused on healing inside and out. And, for now, I GET TO go run.

So, wish me luck, YOU;)

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